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Our Pipe Sleeving Service Will Restore Your Drains For 100 Years Without Excavating Pipes, Saving You Over 50% In Expense!

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Our pipes sleeving company in Miami can restore your rusted horizontal or vertical cast iron drains or cracked clay pipes using an internal pipe lining that lasts 100 years and costs less than 50% of what pipe excavation and replacement would cost, and it only takes a couple of days instead of weeks or months.

Modern ways of pipe renovation always include a technology “called cured in place pipe lining”. This is sometimes called pipes sleeving even though that term is not very technically or scientifically correct.

How does our pipe sleeving company in Miami restore drains?

First the old pipes have to be cleaned using various old school methods such as high pressure water hydro jetting and scale removal using a K60 snake machine. These machine is essentially scrape the old scale and rust off the walls of the pipe and remove any roots that have grown into the pipe in search of water. These roots, in addition to accumulated scale and rust, make the old pipes very rough which captures the debris and prevent further flow which results in the repeated toilet and drain backups that you have most probably being experiencing of late.

Once the drains are clean, a video inspection camera is used to determine how long the pipe is that will be restored. The camera also determines where the incoming branch pipe connections are so that the appropriate small pieces of pipe lining material may be cut out prior to installation that would normally cover up the branch connections. Next a two-part epoxy resin is mixed together which will heat up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit that makes the resin rock hard (like Cialis)! This resin is saturated into the liner fabric prior to installation.

Inside the lining material there is a temporary “calibration tube” or balloon which is designed to expand to exactly the diameter of the pipe that is being restored. This balloon is inflated once the lining material is in the correct position, and after 3 to 4 hours the temporary balloon is removed and the pipe is put back into use immediately.

How long does pipe restoration through pipe lining take in the Miami-Dade County area?

Our company has been doing this for over a decade having installed a few hundred thousand feet of cured in place pipe lining. We only perform pipe restoration, not any other type of plumbing service. So our installations go really well and fast. For example a sewer main line in a 3 bedroom 3 bath house would take us 1 day to restore through pipe lining whereas pipe excavation and replacement would take about two to three weeks.

How much does pipe restoration using cured in place pipe lining cost?

In South Florida the price for residential small jobs will range from $200 to $250 per linear foot. High-rise buildings that renovate their vertical stacks might get that cost down to about $125 per linear foot because they are installing two or three thousand feet instead of just 50 feet which is common for a residential property.

Most residential properties that we restore are about 2500 square feet inside and have about a total of 110 feet of kitchen drain, laundry drain, toilet lines and sewer main lines to restore. So the total rate to restore all the pipes for 100 years under a house is about $22,000. To excavate and replace the pipes would run about $35,000 and then the floor surface would have to be restored which might be travertine or marble or some other expensive surface like wood. That additional cost could bring the total project up to $80,000. So restoration through pipes sleeving is a much faster and less expensive method than the old fashioned ways of the past.

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