Residential Trenchless Pipe Lining Under Slab Without Excavation

Pipe lining costs for trenchless sewer repair

Trenchless sewer repair for cast iron pipes under slab

Don’t Panic, Stay In Your Home! Our Patented Pipe Lining Takes 4 Hours And Has A 50-Year Warranty!

Broken cast iron drains before pipe lining in Miami

Broken cast iron drains before pipe lining in Miami

Our patented pipe lining material is installed in one day and costs 60% less than digging. The pipe can be used the same day, no downtime.

This 50-year warranty pipe lining stops backups permanently

Pipe Lining Benefits Include

  • New pipes in 4 hours without digging
  • Half the cost of trenching or less
  • Approved by all relevant federal and international regulatory authorities (ASTM, EPA, NSF, IAPMO etc.)
  • Has a 50 year warranty
  • No workers inside your home
  • No noisy jackhammers and dusty concrete saws
  • No cutting of sewage pipes spraying aerosol of E-coli and Hepatitis germs throughout your living area

Residential Pipe Lining Explained In 3 Minutes

Trenchless Pipe Lining Featured On “Designing Spaces 2019”

But DO Your Sewer Pipes Need To Be Re-Lined?

Rusted cast iron drains before trenchless pipe lining

Are you experiencing frequent sewage backups? Do you have to repeatedly pay the drain rooter company to unclog your drains? If so, you most likely have tree roots growing in your sewer pipe that grow back after the rooter company leaves, or you have cracked cast iron pipe where the bottom floor has rusted through to the soil. The remaining rough edges of cast iron keep catching on debris causing repeated blockages.

Are Your Sewer Lines Leaking Or Emitting Odors?

Vertical Condominium Pipes Rust & Crack Longitudinally

Cracked or broken cast iron allows sewer water and odors to escape, and allow termites to enter your house. The only permanent way to solve the problem is to replace the broken or cracked sewer pipe, or to install a new physical inner pipe lining.

No matter whether you have cast iron sewer pipes that are cracked or have missing pipe floors or clay sewer pipes with entire sections missing, sewer pipe lining is designed to form a new load-bearing durable inner pipe.

Trenchless Pipe Lining Material Before Installation

The new inner pipe lining is a long special fabric tube that has been wet out or saturated with a resin that hardens by itself within 2-4 hours. The new inner pipe only reduces the pipe diameter by about 5%, so flow is not affected, and the pipe lining material has a 100-year engineered life and typically comes with a 50 year warranty.

6 Steps of Residential Cast Iron Drain Pipe Lining Process

50-Year Engineered Lifespan! HTS Materials Testing & Quality Control

In order to maintain the materials approvals by the ASTM, EPA, NSF, IAPMO etc., our liners and resin are randomly sampled at the manufacturer without prior warning, and taken back to HTS Materials Testing in Houston, where the resin is mixed in the right ratio and applied to our liners.

enviro-frindlyThen they test the physical strength (see below), chemical resistance, heat, cold, environmentally friendly factors etc. to ensure that all the minimum standards are being maintained. From this the lining has an estimated 50 year lifespan. The factors tested are:

  • ASTM D 790

Here Are The Testing Results


How Strong Is The New Inner Pipe? See Violent Video Below!

The final new inner pipe is designed for load-bearing pipes that are located under roads, railways and building footers. If, for example, a section of clay or cast iron sewer pipe is missing, the new inner lining is designed to be a stand-alone pipe.

Pipe Lining Has Been Around Since 1998!

  • In fact, pipe lining IS pipe replacement
  • In South Florida, we do about 600 homes a year, plus large industrial and commercial projects
  • The new lining that is installed inside the old pipe is as strong as new pipe
  • Has a 50-year warranty
  • Only reduces the internal diameter by 5%
  • Only takes 3 hours to install

Let’s not forget, since pipe lining requires no excavation, it is cleaner, less invasive and much faster than repiping the old-fashioned way.

Which Pipes Can Be ReLined?

Pipelining, also known as Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) is used for clay pipe replacement, cast iron pipe repair, HVAC pipe repair, storm drain replacement, golf-course overflow drainage pipes, drinking water lines, and sewer pipelining of sanitary sewer pipe.

What Type Of Warranty Comes With The Pipe Lining?

Sewer pipe lining comes with a 50-year materials and labor warranty.

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