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Boca Raton Trenchless Pipe Lining Service Announces 1,000,000 Feet Of Sewer Pipe Repair


Recently trenchless pipe lining in Boca Raton announced a new milestone for trenchless sewer repair. The technology has been around for for over 30 years but about 8 years ago trenchless pipe lining in Boca Raton started installing a new pipe lining which can go inside small-diameter drain pipes ranging from 2 inches up to 8 inches, which is common under house slabs or inside condominium high rise walls such as sewer stacks and rain drain downspouts.

So how does the Boca Raton trenchless pipe lining service work?

First the sewer pipe or drain is video inspected to obtain distances of pipe relining that is required. Next the pipes are cleaned using a hydro jetter which removes all the rust and sand from inside the pipe. Sometimes a cable machine such as a k60 has to be used to clean the scale out of the pipe to widen the diameter to the original width. At this point a length of pipe lining material is cut to size and the material is impregnated using a 100% epoxy resin on the inside of the lining. The epoxy will harden in 4 hours to become a new rock hard internal pipe lining inside the sewer drain.

Next the pipe lining material is pulled into the pipe and an internal temporary balloon is inflated. After 4 hours the balloon is removed and the new rock hard pipe lining material which has a 50 year warranty is video inspected for installation accuracy. A final video is prepared for the customer and a new cleanout is usually installed outside the premises from where all the work was performed.

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