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West Palm Sewer Drain Pipe Replacement Without Excavation Lasting 100 Years!

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Residents Inn West Palm Beach who are considering underground pipe replacement are glad to learn that their cast iron pipes can be repaired using our trenchless pipe repair service. There are not many contractors who offer this pipe rehabilitation technology, but we been installing new inner pipe lining in old rusted broken drainss for more than a decade now.

So how does this sewer drain replacement without excavation actually work?

First the old cast iron drains are cleaned using high pressure water jets and/or cable machines which are also known as rodding snakes in the industry. The purpose is to remove rust and acumulated scale so that the pipe is smooth again. Next a pipe video inspection is performed to determine where the incoming branch lines connect and how long the length of pipe is that has to be restored. This kind of drain replacement only takes a few hours because a new pipe lining fabric made of polyester which is saturated in a self hardening epoxy is pulled into the pipe and contains an internal balloon which after being inflated for about 3 hours is removed, leaving behind a new rock hard inner pipe.

How long does this type of drain pipe repair last?

The pipe lining is designed to last 100 years, and we offer a 50 year warranty. The technology is not new. It has been around for large diameter pipes that have a greater than 6 inch diameter, for at least 35 years. It originated in Europe and Japan where the cities were much older and excavation would be much more destructive. The smaller diameter pipe lining used in high-rise buildings and underground drains has being around for about 15 years.

How much does this pipe replacement cost?

It costs about $200 per linear foot but that would depend on the total number of feet that are re-lined at once. For example if a high rise condo is going to restore 3000 feet of pipe they could get the price down by at least 50%!

A typical 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house of 2,000 square feet has about 100 feet of underground drains, and would cost about $20,000 to restore. Installation would take about 4 days, but the house can remain occupied since the pipes may be used each night from 5pm to 9am the next morning.

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