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Sewer stack and rain drain pipe lining explained

Sewer Stack Pipe Lining Inside Walls (Or Rain Drain Downspout Pipe Lining)

Cracked cast iron rain drain stack

Cracked cast iron rain drain stack

Sewer stacks in buildings will eventually rust because they’re made of cast iron. The first sign of trouble comes in the form of a longitudinal crack that will leak into the walls of the building. A video inspection is usually performed which reveals the extent of the length of the crack. Typically a temporary repair is made of where the existing crack is but soon thereafter the remainder of the sewer stack begins to leak as well. At that point the decision has to be made whether to excavate and replace the sewer stack or rain drain downspout. But modern technology allows for sewer stack pipe lining and rain drain pipe lining from the rooftop!

So how does sewer stack and rain drain pipe lining work?

First the pipes are cleaned from the rooftop using various types of dry technology which is dry so that no further damage is caused. Typically this is some sort of spinning cable with a chain at the end of it which knocks off all the rust and scale. Then a video inspection camera is sent down the sewer stack or rain drain to determine the length of the rain drain pipe lining that has to be installed. Next a long fabric sock made of polyester or fiberglass or both both, is cut to the correct length and is wet out or saturated with an epoxy resin which hardens by itself in a few hours. The long sock is lowered into position inside the pipe an inflated using an internal balloon called a calibration tube.

Later in this calibration tube is removed once the epoxy resin has hardened leaving the new pipe lining in place. Finally a video inspection is performed to confirm accurate and proper installation of the sewer stack pipe lining or the rain drain pipe lining. It costs about half as much to re-line the pipe as it would to excavate and replace the pipe and sewer stack pipe lining or rain drain pipe lining only takes one day to install.

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