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2″-4″ Pipe Lining Branch Connection Reinstatement Opening Machine

Introducing the newly patented Cobra Cutter for pipe lining branch reinstatement cutting. At $7,600 it is the pipe lining industry’s least expensive robotic lateral cutter for pipes ranging from 2” to 4” in diameter.

Replacement parts can be purchased from hardware stores like Home Depot, the most expensive being the $50 air motor! Replacement grinding bits run $5 for a pack of 5! Unlike most other brands, the cobra cutter is manufactured and assembled in the USA, made of lightweight aluminum weighing under 10 lbs with no fragile exposed air supply lines. But the most unique thing about it, is that the camera is sent in from the same access point as the cutter, which means in vertical pipes, the camera lens is looking downwards and does not get obscured by grinding debris.

Inexpensive Replacement Parts Purchased At Hardware Stores

Inexpensive Replacement Parts Purchased At Hardware Stores


A 4” pipe connection can be cut open in about 5 minutes, and the air supply is a regular portable air compressor that runs at 5-10 cfm.

Cobra Cutter Beats The Max Cutter!

Until now your least expensive choice was to use the Max Cutter, which costs around $17,000, is expensive to maintain with $700 air motors and $600 carbide grinding balls, which have to be special ordered, and the controller has exposed fragile air supply lines.

Cobra Cutter Also Beats The More Expensive Dan Cutter!

Reinstatement Cutter Machine Pipe Lining Branch Opening Tool 7 600 YouTubeDan Cutter runs around $80,000, can’t handle 2” pipes, and this cutter housing is also too large to allow the video camera to be attached and still fit down a vertical stack, which means that these cutters have their cameras looking upwards allowing the grinding debris to fall downwards onto the camera lens. Also, both these cutters need large tow-behind air compressors running at 180 cfm.



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