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Cast Iron Drain Repair (Replacement) By Pipe Lining Lasts 100 Years, Costs 60% Less Than Digging!

This 50-year warranty pipe lining stops backups permanently

Our cast iron plumbing repair company in Miami can restore your drains without digging up your floors or walls by using our patented pipe relining technology. Rather than digging up all the old concrete and having to vacate the property for a few weeks, we can install a new inner pipe in the old pipe that only reduces the internal diameter by about 5% and the entire process takes a few days without you having to vacate your property. It also cost about 0% less than cast iron pipe excavation and replacement.

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Here Are The 2 Common Technologies Used As Of 2020 To Rehabilitate/Repair Underground Cast Iron Drains Without Excavation

How does cast iron plumbing repair by using pipe lining technology work?

First an access point outside of the property is located where the pipe has what is called a “clean out”. If the cleanout cannot be located then the video camera used to locate the pipe through a high frequency transmitter in the lens which tells us where to find where the pipe leaving the building or the house. Then in a convenient access point like in the grass or a flower bed, a small hole is dug to reach the pipe where it can be opened from which all the pipe cleaning is performed.

The roots and accumulated scale is first removed using a hydro jet machine that uses high pressure water and a rotating spinning nozzle to wash out all the accumulated roots and sand and rust and calcium deposits. Next a video inspection is done to determine where the incoming branch connections that may not be obscured by pipe lining are located, and the video inspection also is used to determine how long the length of the cast iron plumbing repair through pipe lining has to be.

Preparing the pipe lining material

The next step is to prepare the pipe liner or sleeve that will be used for the cast iron replacement through internal pipe lining. The pipe lining material has several layers but the most important one is the internal balloon. The lining material has to be saturated with a two part epoxy that has to be mixed together in the correct ratio that will create an exothermic reaction that makes the epoxy turn rock hard in about three hours. This resin is used to saturate into the fabric of the pipe lining material after which the pipe lining material containing the internal balloon is pulled into the pipe. Next the balloon is inflated to about 25 psi for 3 hours or until the resin has hardened completely. At that point the balloon is removed and a final video inspection is done to determine correct installation. A copy of the video is provided to the customer through a YouTube uplink.

COST COMPARISON: cast iron pipe repair through pipe lining versus pipe replacement through excavation

The best example would be to use an actual comparison. For example a recent property we where we restored the cast iron pipes using pipe lining was about 3000 square foot in area. It was a wonderful home in the Coral Gables area with travertine floors that matched in all the bedrooms and the 4 bathrooms that it contained. Excavation and pipe replacement was going to be around $35,000 before replacing the travertine which would have run another $45,000. The entire project would have taken about 4 to 5 weeks during which the tenants would have stayed in a hotel and their pets would have had to stay in some kind of inconvenient traumatizing shelter.

Instead they chose our cast iron pipe restoration which took us about 5 days and cost them about $28,000. And the good part was the pipe lining has a 50 year warranty! There is simply no comparison between cast iron pipe replacement through excavation v.s. restoration….

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