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Municipal Sewer Main Line Cured In Place Pipe Lining

AVOID Excavation through slab to replace cast iron drains. Trenchless sewer drain replacement lasts 50+ years (305) 946-9626

Rusted cast iron drains before trenchless pipe lining

This 50-year warranty pipe lining stops backups permanently

Municipalities suffer from water infiltration into their sewer main lines and the connected laterals from properties. The increased water inflow creates a dramatic increase in waste water processing costs at the sewer plants.

Also, during extended high water table levels (during hurricanes etc), the flow can be so dramatic that waste water processing becomes impossible which results in sewer effluent being discharged into lakes, rivers and other water bodies.

Our sewer main line CIPP system can install 1,000′ of lining in 30 minutes!

Our patented technology installs 4″-48″ continuously by air inversion, followed by a quick “dry” steam cure and cool down period and lateral service line reinstatements. Each reinstatement in done at 70,000 rpm and takes about 2 minutes!

Read more on this continuous pipe lining process here

Also, our materials meet the most rigorous ASTM requirements and carry a 50-year warranty.

Municipal Lateral Pipe Lining – By Air Inversion (One Access Point)

Our air inversion pipe lining process for laterals requires only one access point from which the lining is air inverted and then “dry” steam cured in 30 minutes! We can literally do 20 laterals a day. Learn more about our lateral pipe lining process.

3-Minute Video About Costs and Installation:

3-Our Trenchless Pipe Lining As Featured on “Designing Spaces” On TV

High rise pipe lining:

We also offer “end seals” that eliminate the need for expensive grouting to prevent water infiltration. This patented technology consists of a very hygroscopic rubber ring that swells extensively should it come into contact with water! It is compatible with all cured-in-place-pipe systems.

Top Hat System – To Seal Lateral to Main Line Connections

Top hat seals main to lateral

Top hat seals main to lateral

To prevent further infiltration we also offer the “top hat” lining system that completely seals the connection where the sewer lateral line joins the sewer main line.

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