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Actual Questions About Pipe Lining From One Of Our Customers

Hugo. Thanks for the quote. Frankly the extra $2,000 puts the quote fairly close to the other method of digging underneath and replacing. The plumber that would do the replacement has their corporate office on Marco and have done a ton of homes. I’m concerned about a couple of things with the liner.
  1. It looks to me from the videos that where we have connections to the main the liner stops on either side. It then looks like there is a small section of the old pipe left at those junctions.  But then later the video says there is not cast iron remaining at all. So a bit confused there.
  2. The other plumber cautions that to the extent there are dips, and I believe there is, the liner will of course dip also. I realize this may not be a problem because presumably there is plenty of height left in the pipe to keep things moving. Still a bit of a concern.
  3. To the extent the water jetting doesn’t get all the chafing the lining my pinch inward.
  4. It appears in the videos as if there are still some lingering pieces of lining material left in the pipe. I assume this isn’t a problem but it makes me worried about paper catching on those items and causing  a back-up.
  5. On the list of completed residential projects most all seem to be much smaller jobs than mine. Most of the runs seemed to be in the 50 foot range.
No decisions made yet. I just wanted to run these points past you.

Here Are The Trenchless Pipe Lining Answers:

“Hi Jim,

All valid and common questions, but easy to answer:
1.  Yes, the liner stops and starts on either side of the incoming pipe connections. But the cast iron “fitting” that makes up the connection is about twice as thick as the connecting cast iron pipes that are cracked, and our lining extends into the thicker part of the pipe making up the connection. (however, we now have technology that can cut open connections from the outside of a lined pipe if that is still of concern to you.)
2. First of all, most of the time the plumbers misdiagnose a corroded and missing pipe floor for a “dip/belly” since water accumulates where the pipe floor is missing and the camera lens drops into the water, making it look like the pipe is bellied. Nevertheless, even if there is a depression in the pipe, once the corrosion and scale have been removed, the new slippery roller-coaster water theme park ride inside your pipe displaces any debris in the belly every time water passes through it.
3. It is correct that hydro-jetting USUALLY is not enough to remove all the accumulated scale and corrosion, which is why we have a whole slew of technologies on the $150,000 trailer to deal with it.
4. The lingering pieces of what looks like liner is actually called “squeeze-out” or “resin curtains”. Basically what happens is that the internal balloon squeezes some resin out of the ends of the liner, making a thin film on the cast iron, that can hang down like a floppy curtain. It never causes a backup, and we also have tools to polish it off if it were to be an issue. You may also be referring to a few lingering shreds of “release plastic”, left over from a cellophane-like thin layer of plastic that separates the liner from the internal balloon. The release plastic like to leave a few shreds of itself behind in the pipe, but they are flimsy and don’t catch on anything.
5. We don’t update the reference list as frequently as we should, but we typically install 200′-300′ of pipe lining per week, spread across 2-3 homes. But is usually the main lines only, since homeowners usually cannot afford to re-line all the pipes under their homes. For example, today we are wrapping up 325′ of pipe lining at Pepsi in Miami.
I hope this has been of some assistance, please let us know if you have any other concerns Jim.
Thank you,”
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