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Recent Projects Of Boca Raton Sewer Repair Service – By Hugo Forster

Our Boca Raton Sewer Repair service travels throughout South Florida doing residential and commercial sewer pipe lining.

Hilton Hotel – Downtown Miami


Rain Drain Pipe Lining: A leaking rain drain (leader) was inaccessible because it was suspended 30’ up in the air, in a solid concrete roof. Excavation and replacement would cost $21,000 and take 1-2 weeks. Pipe relining took 4 hours and cost $5,500.

Mystic Pointe Tower –

South Beach Miami


Leaking Sewer Drains: After expensive renovations it was discovered the toilet drains were leaking and required replacement. Rather than excavating the walls and floors, the drains were re-lined in 3 hours. Installed by Boca Raton Sewer Repair.

Triton Towers – South Beach, Miami


Leaking Rain Leaders: 6” diameter and 160’ long rain drains leaking into condos and lobby would cost $54,000 each to replace and take 3 months to complete. Rain drain pipe lining from the rooftop took 5 days and $18,000 each. Installed by Boca Raton Sewer Repair.

The Ocean Club-

Boca Raton

(by Boca Raton Sewer Repair)


Leaking Sewer Drains and Rain Leaders: Original contruction used bad connectors to join pipes in the concrete floors between storys. There were 20 vertical stacks, each with 8 leaking connections that required replacement. Estimated cost $400,000. Instead we relined each pipe in three hours, total cost $$185,000.

Guarantee Building –

Downtown West Palm Beach


Leaking Rain Drains: This structure, designated a “US Historic Site”, was experiencing leaking rain drains in their solid block walls. Excavation was not an option as the building was 80’ high and occupied by prominent attorneys. We re-lined their drains in one afternoon, business continued as usual  and tenants were not disturbed.

Ocean Towers –


(by Boca Raton Sewer Repair)


Leaking Sewer Stacks and Condensation Lines: This 16 storey, 40-year old building had rusting rain drains, sewer pipes and heating and condensation lines. The interiors of the units were adorned with marble, hand-painted frescos, large mirrors on the walls. 3,000’ of pipe lining installed over 3 weeks from rooftop only.

 How Does Boca Raton Sewer Repair Service Work?

First the old rain drain or sewer pipe is cleaned with high-pressure water jetters, or spinning steel brushes. Next a video inspection is done to determine where pipe connections are and how long the Boca Raton Sewer repair pipe lining has to be. Then a self hardening epoxy resin is introduced to the liner, and the liner is installed and inflated for four hours. Thereafter the inner balloon is removed, and the new inner sewer pipe is ready for use.


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