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How To Repair Drain Pipes Under Your Slab WITHOUT DIGGING!

If you found our website you probably got the bad news from your plumber that they want to excavate through your slab to repair your cast iron drain pipes the old fashioned way by replacing them.

Cured In Place Pipe Lining

Cured In Place Pipe Lining

The good news for you is that there are modern alternatives to repairing the cast iron drain pipes under your slab without having to excavate through the floor or digging from outside of your property. It’s also much less money to do the trenchless pipe repairs than by digging for pipe replacement.

Here is how trenchless pipe lining works

From outside of your property where the pipe cleanout access point is located, the pipe rust and scale is removed using a hydro jetter and a drain snake. Next we use a pipe video inspection camera to determine how long the break or crack in your cast iron pipe is.

Then a long polyester felt tube is cut to the correct length and a special two-part epoxy resin is mixed together that hats up to a 180 degrees fahrenheit in about 30 minutes. Polyester sock contains a temporary balloon that is inflated once it is pulled into the pipe period. After about 4 hours the new polyester sock is completely hard and the temporary balloon is removed and a new video inspection is done to determine correct installation. It comes with a 50 year warranty and it has an expected engineered life of 100 years.

How much does this trenchless drain repair under slab cost?


Typically if you were to excavate your floors to do the drain repair under your slab you should expect to pay about $450 per linear foot. Trenchless drain repair under your slab costs about a $150 per linear foot and takes about two days to do, as opposed to two weeks for excavation for drain repair under the slab.


How Strong Is The New Inner Pipe? See Violent Video Below!

The final new inner pipe is designed for load-bearing pipes that are located under roads, railways and building footers. If, for example, a section of clay or cast iron sewer pipe is missing, the new inner lining is designed to be a stand-alone pipe.

Pipe lining is the modern alternative to pipe replacement!

  • In fact, pipe lining IS pipe replacement
  • The new lining that is installed inside the old pipe is as strong as new pipe
  • Has a 50-year warranty
  • Only reduces the internal diameter by 5%
  • Only takes 3 hours to install

Let’s not forget, since pipe lining requires no excavation, it is cleaner, less invasive and much faster than repiping the old-f

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