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Miami Pipe Lining Company Stops Backups & Leaks With New Inner Pipe – No Excavation Or Mess!

Got Broken Sewer Cast Iron Under Slab or Roots In Drain Causing Backups?

Rusted cast-iron drains before trenchless sewer repair restoration

AVOID Excavation through slab to replace cast-iron drains. Trenchless sewer drain replacement lasts 50+ years

This 50-year warranty pipe lining stops backups permanently

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Here Are The 2 Common Technologies Used As Of 2020 To Rehabilitate/Repair Underground Cast Iron Drains Without Excavation

Benefits Of Trenchless Pipe Lining

Benefits Of Trenchless Pipe Lining (a.k.a. Cured In Place Pipe, CIPP)

      • No Excavation Required – no permitting and no inspections required
      • Less expensive – pipe relining costs about 70% less than excavation
      • Save Your Floor Tile/Marble/Wood – it’s usually impossible to find matching floor surfaces that were installed decades ago
      • Clean, No sewer bacteria in your home – since the drain is not being cut into pieces inside your residence, there is no need to sanitize the property afterwards
      • Stay in your residence – pipe relining is done from outside, so you can stay in your residence
      • Speed – pipe lining takes 1 day, not 3 weeks as for pipe replacement by excavation
      • Environmentally friendly – pipe replacement by excavation means tons of waste concrete and pipe have to be disposed of in landfills

How Much Does Trenchless Pipe Lining Cost In Miami Dade County?

For residential purposes, from $150-$200 per linear foot of lining. It varies by pipe diameter, installation complexity, and customer attitude. For Commercial purposes, $175-$225 per linear foot. Commercial installation would be high-rise buildings, factories, shopping malls etc. These installations are more complex since pipe downtime, even for just 4 hours, usually has an enormous impact on tenants and can cause much economic impact for any loss of use of pipe. Note also, every trenchless pipe lining company will have a minimum charge in order to mobilize their expensive equipment and trained crew.

How Strong Is The Pipe Lining?

The pipe liner is a fabric tube made of polyester which is then “wet out” with a 2-part epoxy resin which is mixed together in a certain proportion. In about 30 minutes resin heats up by itself to 180 degrees Fahrenheit due to an exothermic chemical reaction and becomes rock hard.

The resulting new inner pipe liner is so strong that it is a stand-alone pipe, not needing the old exterior pipe for structural integrity. The liner is designed to go under load bearing footers, roads, driveways etc.

Here’s A Video Hugo Forster In Miami Jumping On A Pipe Liner & Beating It With A Hammer!

Our South Florida Projects and References

Office Building,  


This office building needed to replace their cast iron drain with minimal downtime, so we relined it in one day costing 60% less than excavation. Ralph  904-316-2340 800-918-0604

Meridian Luxury Condos –

Palm Beach Gardens

Vertical cast iron sewer pipe was cracked along its length. The plumbers wanted to vacate the tenants for 2 weeks to excavate the walls and replace the pipe for $25,000, excluding wall covering repair (tile & marble). We relined the pipe in one day for under $10,000 which includes a 50-year warranty.Arturo 561 582 9830 or 561 582 9828.

Polk County Power Plant

Chemical processing drain buried under 6’ of concrete was leaking and excavation was impossible due to the equipment being in the way. We re-lined the pipe in 1 day. Hydrostatic pressure tests showed leak was resolved. Lou 864-979-7796.

Patrick Air Force Base – Melbourne, FL

Rain Drain Pipe Lining: During construction a rain drain was punctured by a screw. The hole was 100’ high inside a solid concrete wall. Excavation, repair and refinishing whilst elevated was dangerous and would cost around $35,000. We located the hole and re-lined that section of pipe in one day for $4,500.Sean Blake 321-328-7777

Hilton Hotel – Downtown Miami

Rain Drain Pipe Lining: A leaking rain drain (leader) was inaccessible because it was suspended 30’ up in the air, in a solid concrete roof. Excavation and replacement would cost $21,000 and take 1-2 weeks. Pipe relining took 4 hours and cost $5,500. Roger Setzser (301) 655-2411

Mystic Pointe Tower –

South Beach Miami

Leaking Sewer Drains: After expensive renovations it was discovered the toilet drains were leaking and required replacement. Rather than excavating the walls and floors, the drains were re-lined in 3 hours.

Paul Mack (305) 935-3924.

Triton Towers – South Beach, Miami

Leaking Rain Leaders: 6” diameter and 160’ long rain drains leaking into condos and lobby would cost $54,000 each to replace and take 3 months to complete. Rain drain pipe lining from the rooftop took 5 days and $18,000 each.


(305) 742-6981

The Ocean Club-

Boca Raton

Leaking Sewer Drains and Rain Leaders: Original construction used bad connectors to join pipes in the concrete floors between stories. There were 20 vertical stacks, each with 8 leaking connections that required replacement. Estimated cost $400,000. Instead we relined each pipe in three hours, total cost $$185,000.

Phillip West

(561) 368-3332

Guarantee Building –

Downtown West Palm Beach

Leaking Rain Drains: This structure, designated a “US Historic Site”, was experiencing leaking rain drains in their solid block walls. Excavation was not an option as the building was 80’ high and occupied by prominent attorneys. We re-lined their drains in one afternoon, business continued as usual  and tenants were not disturbed.


(561) 866-7396.

Ocean Towers,

JupiterLeaking Sewer Stacks and Condensation Lines: This 16 storey, 40-year old building had rusting rain drains, sewer pipes and heating and condensation lines. The interiors of the units were adorned with marble, hand-painted frescos, large mirrors on the walls. 3,000’ of pipe lining installed over 3 weeks from rooftop only.


(941) 355-6752

Atlantic Towers-

Ft. Lauderdale

Leaking Rain Drains: 5” diameter and 180’ long rain drains leaking into condos and lobby would cost $62,000 each to replace and take 2 months to complete. Rain drain pipe lining from the rooftop took 3 days and $20,000 each.

Susan Russo

(954) 525-3890

Doral Village MHP –

Clearwater22,000’ of clay sewer pipe cleaning and video inspection, followed by “sectional point repairs” on selected broken areas of pipe where water infiltration and roots were causing problems.

John Warman

(727) 784-2179

BioTest Pharmaceuticals

Boca Raton, FL

Biotest’s $150MM manufacturing facility was shut down as the underground H.D.P.E pipes had separated at the poorly fused joints.

Excavation was not an option due to contamination, so the pipes were re-lined in 3 days at 15% of excavation cost.

Al Destefano or Gudicelli Santos

(561) 989-5630

Disney’s Hollywood Studios-


The Backlot Express Restaurant had 450’ of corroded cast iron sewer pipes partially collapsing. We relined the pipes in 3  nights, saving millions of dollars in excavation and missed revenues.Contact engineer no longer employed at Disney.

Linton Towers Office Building –

Delray Beach

They needed to have their cast iron sewer pipes replaced due to cracks under the building. Moving out businesses could breach lease agreements. So they opted to have their waste pipes lined instead, which took 2 nights and cost 27% as much as excavation, without business interruption.


(561) 289-4941

West Pharmaceuticals

St. Petersburg

Their production plant was built upon 8” reinforced concrete floors and the underlying 30 year old cast iron pipes were rusted and rough, causing frequent backups. We re-lined their sewer pipes in one night saving them 76% on excavation, without business interruption.Scott Calkins (727) 415-1365

George’s Allibi Bar & Grill –

St. Petersburg

The drain pipes serving the main bar were rusted so badly from the soda fountain carbon dioxide bubbles (carbonic acid) that the soil was falling into the void where the pipes used to be! Physical replacement was estimated to take two weeks, but we relined the pipes in one day!Bill

(727) 563-4710

Palm Beach Water Department, West Palm, FL

Stainless steel vent pipes emerging from the potable water tanks were corroding due to chlorine gas fumes. Replacing the pipes would disrupt Palm Beach water supply for weeks, so we relined 9 such pipes in 1 day using our NSF & EPA approved liner, without interfering with water supply.

Keith, Chief Engineer

561-627-2900 x 350

House: 120’ of 3” and 4” cast iron sewer pipes: Miami, FL

Myra had a plumber tell her he needs to dig up their marble floors and replace all the old cast iron pipe due to cracks and bellies causing backups. His estimate was for $35,000. We cleaned and relined all the pipes in 3 days at half the cost using a 50-year warranty lining. All her problems stopped.


954 557 7077

House: 30’ of 3” cast iron under house: Miami, FL

Juan had recently renovated his house with new floors. His toilet kept backing up into the bath and shower. Video showed cast iron sewer pipe had rusted floor which was completely missing. The remaining cast iron walls were catching on debris. We re-lined his pipe in one day.


954 336 4302

House: 35’ of 3” cast iron under house: Hollywood FL

A video inspection showed that Allen was having repeated backups from debris getting caught on roots growing into cracked cast iron pipe under his house. We arrived 8am, left 5pm, and he had a new 100-year liner inside his old pipe.



House: 40’ of sewer lateral pipe going to road: Fort Myers

Carla had repeated backups in the sewer pipe going from then house to the road. Roots were growing into the old cast iron pipe, causing repeated backups. The paved driveway and large tree prevented excavation, so we cleaned and relined the pipe in one day.


(239) 707-0659

House: 30’ of 3” sewer main line & 15’ of 2” kitchen drain,

Coral Gables

This beautiful house has missing pipe floor in the cast iron main drain and kitchen line. The plumbers wanted to use a back hoe to remove the floor! We re-lined their pipes in two days, no excavation.


(305) 510-3005

House: 24’ of 4” sewer main line, Ft Lauderdale

This retired lady has her grand son and his daugther living with her. Excavation to replace pipes meant living in a hotel for 3-4 weeks. We relined her sewer main pipe in one day!Freda

(954) 471-6507

House: 64’ of 4” sewer main line, Ft Lauderdale

Relined her sewer main pipe that contained bellies and had cracked pipe walls and roof.Marion

(954) 821-6271

House: 27’ of 4” sewer main line

Ft. Myers

This rental property had repeated backups from root growth and rough cast iron surfaces. Plumbers kept snaking out the line each 3 weeks at $275 per visit. The tenants threatened to lave. We relined the pipe in one day, problem solved.


(239) 707-5561

House: 2”, 3” and 4” Cast Iron Sewer Pipe

Naples, FL

A pipe video inspection revealed the bottom of his 4” cast iron drain pipe had corroded away. The home had been recently remodeled with new bamboo flooring. Within 2 days we had relined the 2” kitchen line and also the adjoining 4” trunk line that serves the entire house.

Gary: 239-433-3165

House: 43’ of 4” sewer main line

Largo, FL

Repeated backups from rusted cast iron sewer main line. Cleaned and re-lined in 2 days, no excavation.Crystal

(727) 501-6992

House: 28’ of 4” sewer main line

St. Petersburg, FL

45 year old cast iron sewer pipe with cracks in floor allowed water to run out into soil, leaving no water to push waste out to street sewer system. Pipe lining n one day solved the problem permanently.


(770) 540-5530

Duplex: 4” Cast Iron Sewer Main Line

Hallandale, FL

3 renters experiencing repeated sewer blockages. Property owner was told by plumbers to dig up 75’ of 4” cast iron sewer pipe to get rid of the bellies, costing $45,000 which would take 2 weeks.  We relined the pipe in one day for $8,900. No trouble ever since!

Amit Nir

(305) 767-4900.

House: 45’ of 4” sewer main line

Pompano Beach, FL

60-year old luxury home experiencing repeated backups. Plumbers wanted to dig tunnels under house to replace sewer pipes. Homeowner concerned about soil compaction and possible settlement and slab cracks afterwards. Estimated cost: $65,000, duration – 2 weeks. We re-lined the pipe in one day, $6,500.


(954) 663-5974

House: 2” Kitchen Line – Missing Cast Iron Pipe Floor

Tampa, FL

2” cast iron kitchen pipe floor had completely corroded away and was causing debris to become lodged on the edges of the remaining pipe. The plumbing company suggested excavating the entire 50’ section of floor to replace the pipe, which was estimated to take 1 week and cost $11,000. We relined it in 1 day for  $7,500.


(813) 884-1762

House: Sewer Lateral Pipe Lining

Ocean Reef (Key Largo, FL)

During high tide the ocean was leaking into the cracked clay sewer lateral pipe going from the house to the sewer main in the road. This infiltration increases sewer processing costs. Due to traffic, high water tables, and the soil made of coral rock, excavation was certainly not an option. Digging and water control would run $15,894. The city hired us to reline the pipe during low tide which cost them $7,300.


(305) 367-0011

House: 3” and 4” Cast Iron

Tampa, FL

Video inspection showed cast iron pipes had numerous cracks along the floor and several “bellies”. The plumbing company suggested they excavate the whole home to replace the pipe and concrete floor. The new wood flooring would however have to be replaced thereafter. Total cost $45,000. Trenchless Pipe Lining re-lined all of his 3” and 4” sewer pipes in two days for a total cost of $5,700.


(813) 514-3914

House: Clay and Cast Sewer Iron Pipe

Tampa, FL

This house was experiencing repeated sewer backups. The snake auger would open the pipe by pulling out large wads of roots that had grown into the pipe under the house. The plumbing company preferred to excavate the home and landscaping, costing around $25,000 and would take about a week. In addition, excavating under the oak tree would destabilize the whole tree. Pipe lining took just one day and cost less than $7,000.


(813) 918-0014

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