Commercial Drain Pipe Lining For Restaurants, Factories, Processing Facilities Etc.

municipal pipe lining customersBusinesses in Florida have cast iron drains that have been rusting and scaling up for decades. Eventually the pipe will crack along the bottom or completely rust away on the floor, causing repeated backups. The old school plumber will suggest concrete excavation and pipe replacement, which is very expensive, time consuming, messy, and will cost the business cast amounts of downtime expenses!

Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining however installs a 50-year new inner pipe lining in about 1-4 hours. The lining is a tough, inert inner pipe that reduces diameter by only 5%, and the old pipe outside can disintegrate since the liner is a stand-alone, load-bearing pipe by itself!

How Our Commercial Pipe Lining Works

  1. First we use a video camera to trace the problematic pipe and devise an installation plan
  2. Installation usually happens through a cleanout, although we sometimes make a small access hole somewhere else
  3. We measure the exact length of lining needed, and where all the pipe branch connections are
  4. Then we prepare the lining and cut out the pieces of lining that would cover up the branch connections
  5. Next the lining is saturated with a self hardening epoxy and then the lining is pulled into the old drain
  6. Then the lining is inflated with air (it contains a temporary inner balloon), and when the liner has hardened, the balloon is removed and a recorded final video inspection is done

Installation Is Usually Done At Night or On Weekends

Based on operational convenience, we can schedule installation to occur when operations are at their slowest. We can line 2″-48″ pipe in 30 minutes with our patented continuous lining system.

Up To 1,000′ of 2″-48″ Diameter Cured In Place Pipe Lining Installed In 30 Minutes!

top-gun-for sewer main CIPP liningOur patented Perma-liner technology can air invert a continuous liner through multiple manholes followed by 90-minute steam curing and fast robotic reinstatement cutting resulting in the least amount of downtime.

2 Minute Video Showing How Our Continuous Lining Works

How Our CIPP Lining System Works

Our pipe lining materials arrive pre-wet out with a resin that typically has a 30-day working time if kept in a refrigerated environment.

Then the liner is fed directly from a refrigerated truck into our Perma-Liner Top Gun which fits right over the manhole. The leading edge of the liner is then pulled out of the nozzle and wrapped around the outside of the nozzle. Air pressure is then applied to the inside of the gun, and the liner then inverts inside the sewer main or storm drain (culvert). 1,000′ can be inverted in 30-minutes through multiple manholes.

viper-steam-cure-for-cippNext steam is applied for about 90 minutes, followed by a cool down period to prevent liner shrinkage. Our compact 750,000 BTU Dry Steam Generators allows the liner to harden without the use of large boiler trucks, in half the time! Our system also includes a feature that allows condensate to leave the system during curing and cool down.

Next the upper section of CIPP is cut out of the manholes, leaving only the lower section of the pipe where flow occurs containing any lining.

reinstatement-cutter to open service connectionsFinally a robotic reinstatement cutter is sent into the pipe to cut open any service connections that were covered up by pipe lining.

end-seal for CIPP liningWe also offer “end seals” that eliminate the need for expensive grouting to prevent water infiltration. This patented technology consists of a very hygroscopic rubber ring that swells extensively should it come into contact with water! It is compatible with all cured-in-place-pipe systems.



Some Of Our Commercial Pipe Restoration Customers Include

municipal pipe lining customers

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