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Pipe Lining Broken Sewer Pipe Under Slab – Dispelling The Plumber’s Lies!

Plumbers stand to lose a lot of money if you restore the pipe rather than excavate it, so they have a practiced menu of misinformation that will lead you to their excavation solution, and since customers are not plumbers, it is hard for them to discern plumbing fact from fiction. Also, plumbers will offer their opinion of pipe lining, but when asked about any real-world pipe lining details, it is quickly ascertained that they are ignorant of the technology.
So here are some technical issues regarding trenchless pipe lining of broken sewer pipes under slabs:

The Sewer Pipe Under The Slab Has A Dip (Bellie), Or Backward Slope

Most of the cast iron pipes we restore for 100 years have a crack along the bottom or the pipe has completely rusted away at the bottom. The water in the pipe lies in the trough created by the missing pipe, and when the plumbers run a video camera in the trough, the lens of the camera dips into the water, making it appear that the pipe has a dip in it, or has a backward slope. Once we re-line the pipe, even if there was a dip or backward slope, there are never any backups again because the new inner pipe is like a slippery water park slide. Every time someone flushes, the water and debris in the dip is displaced because the surface is so slick.

The Pipe Is Too Badly Damaged To Re-Line

The cast iron pipes we restore always have cast iron rust and scale buildup along the sides, which also helps cause repeated backups. We have machines that remove the scale and rust prior to pipe lining so the new inner pipe is just as smooth as PVC. The original pipe also has holes, cracks and sometimes even completely missing pipe sections under the slab. The pipe lining is designed to span these sections, and the internal balloon that expands to push the lining against the wall contains a woven fabric which prevents the balloon from expanding more than the size of the pipe. So the pipe lining never has bulges or grooves, since it follows the shape of the balloon, not the pipe!

The Pipe Internal Diameter Is Reduced – FALSE!

Since we remove all the rust inside the pipe, the remaining solid pipe is thinner than the original pipe that was installed say 50 years ago, which means the internal diameter is LARGER than it was when the pipe was installed. Once we re-line the pipe, the internal diameter reduction from the lining is about 5.87%, but that merely makes up for the “lost” pipe due to corrosion removal. So the re-lined pipe has about the same internal diameter as the original pipe had 50 years ago.

The Pipe Lining Is Dependent On The Old Pipe For Support – FALSE!

The pipe lining material is designed to be a load-bearing, stand-alone pipe, without the existence of the old pipe, which would eventually rust away completely. The same material is used under highways, airport runways, high rise building footers etc., where high soil pressures exist, and the lining might flex a little, but does not break.
Check out our reference list contains many people who have gone through what you are experiencing, and have never had any problems since pipe lining, so why not benefit from their experience?

Here Is A Very Useful Video Discussing Broken Sewer Pipe Repair Under A Slab Using Trenchless Pipe Lining


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