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Triton Towers – Miami Beach

Posted on: November 7th, 2014 by admin No Comments

Triton Towers – Miami Beach

triton towers high rise pipe lining MiamiWhen other pipe lining companies cannot perform an installation, they turn to us as a last resort. For example, all pipe lining manufacturers and installers said it was impossible to install one continuous rain drain pipe liner of 160’ in length and of 6” diameter by using air inversion from the roof down. The reason they said was that the lining, weighing in at 300+ pounds, would fall down the pipe before the inflation bladder could be installed in it. We however, using a proprietary method, installed 6 of the liners over a 3 night period, with several of the pipes having 3-4 90-degree bends.

Plumbers estimated that the leaking rain drains would cost $54,000 each to replace and take 3 months to complete. Rain drain pipe lining from the rooftop took 5 days and $18,000 each.

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